Recent Updates

Constantly pushing the envelope

In order to design a long endurance UAV we are constantly innovating our construction techniques to build the lightest, strongest aircraft possible as we approach our 36 hour goal.



Benefits of membership

As a member you will be exposed to one of the coolest projects at the University, develope real world skills and network with recruiters from the aerospace industry as each year they look to hire experienced Solar Drones members.



Looking for experience?

Whether you're looking to learn how to work with composites, design an autopilot, or develope a solar power system we've got you covered. We have many knowledgeable members willing to pass on what they have learnt to you.



Getting Started

Welcome to the Solar Drones home page. Please check out our updates page as we are constantly making progress on the Solar Sight project. There we will be posting pictures and videos of recent build progress and flight tests

If you are a member looking for the next worksession, the calendar to the right has what you're looking for. We will be posting lab work sessions, training events and any other Solar Drones related activity to the calendar. Please check it frequently since it will be updated almost every day.